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2019-2020 COVID-19 Pandemic: Mapping the Virus Across Time According to Poverty and Race/Ethnicity


This collection features various maps related to the mapping of COVID-19 over time according to poverty and race/ethnicity.

Access to food outlets

Food Outlets and Median Household Income.pdf

Access to food outlets which sell adequately healthy food is a major concern in public health.

Contributors: K Ham

American Indian Population Percentages in the Four Corner Region


To show the percent of the population composed of American Indians, these maps assign each census tract a color based on its designation within…

Contributors: Bryan Radmall

Childhood Asthma and Household Heating Sources in Arizona, Colorado and Utah 2011-2018

Asthma Clusters Comparison.pdf

An exploration of asthma rates in children ages 5-14 and household heating sources for Arizona, Colorado, and Utah for 2011-2018. Childhood poverty…

Contributors: Sarah Callaway

Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease - Radon


Contains maps and analyses of chronic lower respiratory disease (CLRD), uranium mining, and smoking rates.

Covariate effects on YPLL in the Four Corners Region


COVID-19 Deaths and Variables


While the the main source of data come from the American Community Survey, it appears after analysis that the variables of lack of running water, lack…

Contributors: Janice Hall

Excessive Drinking and Substance Death rates in the Four Corner States

Kernel Density for Excessive Drinking.pdf

These maps describe excessive drinking rates and substance death rates among minority groups within the four corner states

Contributors: Britton Reher

Factors influencing Child Mortality

Child Mortality GWR.pdf

This collection of maps ties together poverty rates and low access to food rates among children living in each county and how they correspond to child…

Free or Reduced-Price Lunch Student Eligibility and Female Family Households in the Four Corner States

(1) Race Map.pdf

Hispanic/Latino Population Percentages in the Four Corner Region


To show the percent of the population composed of Hispanics/Latinos, these maps assign each census tract a color based on that tract's designation…

Contributors: Bryan Radmall

Incarceration Prevalence in the Four Corner States: 2010, 2015, and 2018

Hotspot of Incarceration Rates in the 4 Corner States.pdf

3 maps showcasing incarceration prevalence. 1 map showcasing the zones around each prison/jail in relation to their respective counties. 1 map…

Contributors: James Jorrelle Moore

Intersection of Driving Distance to Primary Care and Race in the Four Corners Region


Kidney Disease and Diabetes in the Four Corners and the Navajo Nation

diabetes map.pdf

Mental Distress in Relation to Household and Other Covariates in the Four Corners Region

OLS Map.pdf

Mental Healthcare Access in the Four Corner States

UT Network Analysis Map.pdf

Obesity Rates in the four Corner States relating to Social Determinants of Health (2017-2018)


These maps highlight the relationship between food availability, poverty rates, and Obesity rates in the four corner States.

Contributors: Abby Garmendia

Opioid Overdose Rates and Rural/Urban Land Use in the 4 Corner States


These maps describe land use, and opioid death rates in relation to population and hospital location in the 4 corner states of New Mexico, Utah,…

Contributors: Grace Dickerson

PM 2.5 Levels and Suicide Rates in the Four Corners


Three descriptive maps, showing poverty rates, percentage of people over 60, and suicide rates. Two analysis maps: one Bayesian Kriging of predicted…

Contributors: Sophie Jarvis

Poverty in the Four Corner States

Percent below poverty wasatch front.pdf

Public Insurance in the Four Corners Region


Suicide Mortality Rates in Relation to Daily Annual Average Precipitation and Other Covariates in the Four Corner Region

2018 Suicide Mortality Rate by County Four Corner States-Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.pdf

This collection evaluates the suicide mortality rates in relation to the explanatory variables: percent White Non-Hispanic, percent below poverty…

Contributors: Vaitiare Todd

Teen Pregnancy Rates in the Four-Corner States, 2018


This evaluates teen pregnancy rates (number of births per 1,000 female population ages 15-19) in the four-corner states. It looks at various factors…

Contributors: Maren Gordon

Violent Crime vs. Property Crime and Explanatory Variables in the Four Corner States


This collection compares violent crime and it's explanatory variables with property crime and the same variables in the 4 corner states. Property…

Contributors: Brad Wangsgard