Factors influencing Child Mortality

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Factors influencing Child Mortality


Food access and demographics in relation to child mortality rates


This collection of maps ties together poverty rates and low access to food rates among children living in each county and how they correspond to child mortality.


Chantel Daines





Collection Items

Child Mortality Rates per County: 2010-2019
Map of child mortality rates per county. Highlights counties where there are higher rates.

Percent of Low Food Access for Children under 15 years old.
This map shows the percentage of children that have low access to food.

Child Mortality Regression
This regression showed that poverty under 18 yrs of age was the only significant variable. Other variables that were compared were race, education, and low access to food. All the variables were percentages of the county population in each specific…

Child Mortality GWR regression
This shows the map of the residuals the linear relationship between each of the variables. It also shows that there is a normal distribution of deviations.
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